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SPORT and ENTERTAINMENT at bagno Alhambra in viareggio.

Da sempre, il connubio, movimento e divertimento, sono i pilastri della gestione del nostro stabilimento balneare.
Fitness per restare in forma anche durante l’estate!

A combination of movement and enjoyment have always been the foundations of the running of our bagno.
Fitness, to remain in good form even in the summer.
Light fitness, muscle toning, aequagym and spinning, available for all our customers.

Light fitness does not need explaining.

"aequagym" or – gymnastic in water- is very popular with the ladies, finding it enjoyable and relaxing and above all effective in maintaining a perfect physical form. It is also becoming more popular with our male customers as it tones the muscles, strengthens the heart and lungs and helps to ease stress.
The exercises in water are the same as those practised on dryland but at a slower pace due to the friction of the water, which, makes them more effective. Water is the real instrument for these exercises as the resistance that we meet in each movement is 12 times that created out of water. One exercise in water is equal to at least 10 out of the water.

Photogallery of Fitness